The Wanted have joined Britney Spears as the latest singers to get up on stage and pretend to be riding about on a string of imaginary and quite thrusty ponies.

Apparently they were just dancing to Gangnam Style with Korean sensation Psy, but we like to imagine Jay McGuiness and Nathan Sykes were just having a nice time pretending to be princesses.

The Wanted dance to Gangnam Style in LA with Psy

If you are yet to come across the original music video yet, may we recommend that you put your Custard Cream to one side for a moment and have a little look. It really is one of the most amazing yet terrifying things you will see in the next 6 or 7 minutes.

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Anyway, inviting Psy on stage at their gig in LA, the lads couldn't resist having a nice thrust along to the track.

Check it out..

Well at least now we know what they do when they are alone on the tourbus.

Max has got some very limber hips hasn't he? Who do you think does it best?

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What do you think?