There's just three days to go until the video for One Direction's new tune Little Things is unleashed upon the world, and to get us even more excited than we are already - the boys have released a second teaser clip, this time featuring Zayn Malik.

zayn malik little things video

The pouty badger, as he's known at Sugarscape HQ, works his moody stare to perfection in the video - which Niall revealed on Monday will be: 'a typical ballad video... really simple.'

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But don't worry, it's not all pouts and sexy guitar strumming (as much as we love those things) the Z-dawg also has some fun with a tambourine - and this weird shiny rocket thing. Lovely.

zayn malik little things teaser

Lordy, black and white film just makes everything ten times hotter, doesn't it? We're pretty sure the full video is going to cause some serious ovary explosions all over the world when it's released.

Go on then, what are you waiting for - WATCH IT.

Didn't drool on your computer too much we hope. Now, let's all prepare for tomorrow's installment - will it feature Liam, Louis or Harry?

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