We often wonder what bezzie mates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson get up to when they're not making vocal magic for One Direction and it turns out that they like nothing more than to film each other.With clothes on you pervert.

A day in the life of One Direction's Harry Styles, filmed by Louis Tomlinson - spoof video

Nothing beats a really good 1D spoof and this behind the scenes tale of the friendship between Harry and Luigi T is pretty much our favourite thing that has ever happened. 

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As well as a terrifyingly accurate Louis accent, it's lovely to see them going about their daily business; driving in the lurvemobile, shooting friendship beams into each other's hearts and arguing about what sort of gnome to buy Niall for Christmas.

If that wasn't enough, the Taylor Swift references are bloody hilarious. We really hope that's Louis' finger at 1.10 though..


Thanks Louis, we love you too.

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