As Nick Grimshaw has now taken over the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, he’s decided to do a bit of a Tulisa and bring his urban roots to the early morning scene with his own hip hop clique, which happens to include some of our favourite people in the world getting all gangsta on us (scroll down for final video).

nick grimshaw

In the special mockumentary, Nick shares his struggle of bringing stars like Kelly Clarkson, Conor Maynard and One Direction together to form none other than the #BREAKFASTCLIQUE and create their own A-list rapper music video. Word.

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Confused? Us too, but it's so funny that we don’t care.

Kelly Clarkson

First up we encounter Kelly Clarkson, who herself admits that she’s a ‘thug fo’ life’ (US TOO) whilst absolutely nailing some Beyonce style booty shakes. Nick describes her as a ‘white Lil Wayne’ and we could not agree more.

In the second instalment, Conor Maynard expresses how he’s so amazing at singing that he can actually make himself transform into a unicorn with the power of his vocals.

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conor maynard

This is a power that we very much enjoy having on a regular basis FYI. Means we don’t have to get the bus to the Sugarscape offices.

One Direction

Nick later calls up One Direction for them to perform to him via video call, but he tells them their performance is ‘a bit flaccid’. Yep, those actual, genuine words come out of his mouth. At least he doesn’t directly refer to the Paynis straight afterwards.

We’re enjoying Harry Styles’ aggressive rapper face an awful lot too.

The third instalment includes Carly Rae Jepsen as an RnB stylist, as well as Nicole Sherzinger droppin’ it like its hot.

Nick grimshaw

Oh and also Nick Grimshaw with this headdress on. THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER.

The full music video is below, so we’re off to perfect our mean rapper faces and dig out all our gold chains while you watch it.

What do you reckon? ITS SO GOOD.

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