Well what a lovely surprise to find that Justin Bieber has released a video for his acoustic version of swoon-worthy track As Long As You Love Me. It’s flippin' made our day, that has.

justin bieber

The video was put up on Justin’s VEVO Youtube channel to celebrate the launch of Believe Acoustic, his latest album which is out on Monday and is set to include unplugged renditions of Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat, as well as some new material.

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It’s all very wonderful, with Justin sat on one of his stools just doing his thang with a trilby wearing, long haired lethario playing guitar alongside. We also love the girl sobbing in the front row, that would be us. What a hero.

Just in case Biebo’s velvety vocals weren’t enough for you, he also does the super amazing rappy bit as well. Us, trust, couple’a things I can’t spell widdout choo. Yeah you know the words.

Watch the whole of Justin’s performance here:

What do you reckon? Or have you passed out from the amazingness?

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What do you think?