If you’re ready for your world to be turned upside down, then back to front and a bit inside out, it’s about time you watched Youtube rapscallions Dan and Phil (aka Danisnotonfire/Dan Howell/Sugarscape's Hottest Lad 2012 and his suitably named pal AmazingPhil) save the world in their parody vid of Muse’s new track, Supremacy.

Dan and Phil

Once you’ve watched this once, you probably will find yourself watching it at least another 80 times, and the song will be permanently etched into your cerebrum so that’s just a little heads up there. But it’s so worth it.

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dan and phil

The spoof vid begins with Danisnotonfire tied to a chair. Whilst we were enjoying this as much as anyone would be, we could not help but be reminded of THAT PIECE OF FAN FICTION (yeah you know the one). Paired with the heavy bassline, it all gets a bit intense. Ahem, let’s not dwell on that though.

dan and phil

As the video goes on, we learn that Phil is no longer Phil, but is instead evil Doctor Daisy who is trying to turn every living human into a pomeranian in his master plan of a dogpocolypse.

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Seriously, what goes through these boys heads? We have no idea, but we enjoy it. All we know is that we are digging Phil in an eye patch.

dan howell

The main three observations that we felt needed to be highlighted are a) the bit of Dan in the shower is not nearly long enough, b) the way he pushes his hair back makes us flail, and c) Dan Howell should be in a suit at all times. The bit where he does his shirt up made us feel like we our brain was shrivelling up.

Finally, here’s a gratuitous shot of Dan’s crotch, because everyone’s got time for that on a Monday evening.

Dan Howell crotch

Watch the full video for Supremacy here:

We imagine that Muse will definitely, probably, might potentially use it as their permanent official video. Fo sho.

What do you guys think of this? If you haven’t collapsed from its awesomeness just yet, that is.

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