One Direction are busy rehearsing for their Take Me Home World tour right now, but Liam Payne took a break from synchronised Paynis touching yesterday - and stuck in face in some baps instead.

Don't be throwing out your 'I heart Payzer' t-shirt just yet though (does anyone know if they actually make those? If so, WE WANT ONE) becuase these baps weren't of the breasticle kind.

liam payne burger boy

We literally mean a bap. Liam Payne has substituted a burger with his head.

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Louis Tomlinson (who else?) tweeted the above snap yesterday along with caption 'burger boy' - and probably spent about half an hour laughing at Liam's expression, like us.

liam payne burger boy

We'd like to remind you all at this point that these are the boys that have been invited to perform a gig at the WHITE HOUSE. In front of the PRESIDENT.

Oh Obama, you have no idea what you've let yourself in for.

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Image: Twitter

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