Scapers, are you aware of the concept of a parallel universe? Yes? No? Oh well we won’t bore you with quantum physics right now, but just know that for every One Direction happening, there is an alternate one in another universe, meaning that there is another Kiss You video somewhere in existence.

OH MY GOD, RIGHT? We know, this is a big frickin’ dealio.

Anyway, we’ve managed to unearth said video you’ll be shocked, enthralled and wowed to know that it actually stars Taylor Swift. She’s not doing her usual riding her bike through Paris or somewhere equally picturesque and looking doe-eyed at a young man through her fringe; but she is brandishing a machine gun.

Taylor Swift One Direction parody

Don’t worry; Harry Styles soon freaks her out with his four nipples to get her off the scene. Alternate universe Hazza is a quick little thinker.

Harry Styles four nipples

Check out the video here and if you wet yourself laughing then welcome to our world. (We really need to get that seen to.)


Dogs do KISS YOU - VIDEO. (A sentance we'd never thought we'd write but are glad we have)

Get ready to be *le dead* at One Direction behind the scenes on Kiss You