Ever since Miley Cyrus donned a unicorn onesie and twerked all over the show in a video posted online, celebs have gone twerking crazy. Jay Z even mentioned it in one of his songs, so you know it's big. And now comedy trio The Golden Sisters have given twerking a try, in the comfort of their kitchen no less.

Luckily for you, we've broken the video down into its key scenes for your comedy pleasure, so grab a mid-afternoon snack of the biscuit variety, chillax and enjoy the sights that you are about to behold. Or something like that anyway.

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The Golden sisters parody Miley Cyrus' twerking video - watch - lol

 1. The Golden sisters discuss the idea of Miley Cyrus twerking, and decide: "I think she did a video where she showed her ass." Cue horrified looks all round. Clearly they haven't seen pictures of Miles hiking in the Canadian hills sans trousers then?

The Golden Sisters parody Miley Cyrus twerking - watch - lol

2. They settle down to actually watch Miley's twerking vid and manage to conjure up a look which is a combination of aghast, disgusted and intrigued. Cue middle sister stating there's, "a lotta shaking going on." They're starting to get the hang of this...

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The Golden Sisters parody Miley Cyrus twerking - watch - lol

3. Quelle surprise, they decide to get their crunk on give the whole twerking thing a royally good go. Which essentially means some booty-popping in the kitchen to Wop by J. Dash, a la Miley.

The Golden Sisters twerk like Miley Cyrus - lol - watch

4. And it looks like this. WE LOVE.

Have a nose at the actual video below and let us know what you think. Inspired to do a little ass-shaking action yourself? Comments below...

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