On a couple of occasions, we’ve had a retweet from Anne Twist, Harry Styles’ mum, and we’ve gotten so excited that we’ve actually been a little bit sick in our mouth. So the good lord above only knows what would happen if Monsieur Styles himself got stuck into our hashtag. Ahem.

One person who knows EXACTLY how it feels to be blessed with a brand new emotional connection to Hazwan is our very own columnist and YouTube star, Tyler Oakley.

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Tyler Oakley

Endless tweets of hysteria after the blessed moment occurred weren’t quite enough for Tyler, who then decided that this divine miracle warranted a YouTube video. And we’re so glad it did, because the result is freakin’ hilarious.

As everyone knows, when a boy tweets you it means he wants to get in your knickers (FACT), so we’re going to assume a retweet with two whole additional words means ‘Will you marry me?’ Imagine their curly haired, glasses wearing, immaculately dressed babies.

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We’re off to buy a hat for the #Styler wedding. OTP.

Tyler Oakley Harry Styles

This love is difficult, but it's reeee-heeeaaal.

You can watch Tyler’s AMAZING full reaction video here:

And if you didn't see it a couple of weeks ago, check out the video of Tyler doing The Stupid Interview when he popped into Sugarscape HQ recently. WE MISS HIM.


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