For as much as those One Direction fellas claim 'cool kids don't dance' and all that business, they're totes getting into their stride lately. They've ballroom danced in Louisville, shimmied and pirouetted like there's no tomorrow in the 'Best Song Ever' video and now Niall Horan's been twerking again in San Jose.

That's right - is Nialler scared of pushing his tush like no one's watching? No way, Jose. He's well up for rubbing himself up against a bit of railing in the name of interpretive dance. And we could be more happy about the situation.

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Niall Horan

It seems Miley Cyrus has some competition with her go-to routine, 'cause after giving it a try for the first time with the boys last month he's pretty much perfected his twerkin' skills. Check out his latest attempt below. WARNING: You might wanna get a tissue or something before clicking play - this comes with a side order of drool down the chinny chin chin.


What d'ya reck? Can Nialler rival Miley? Comments in the shiny little box below when you're ready.

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