We’re pretty sure that even our Nan would be able to recognise One Direction if they all walked past her in a line while she was out doing her weekly shopping, but apparently some people in the world live in some kind of bubble, and still don’t know what the lads look like.

We thought that No Direction, the tribute act who play at the pub down the road, were probably the worst 1D impersonators of all time, but five blokes have been taking advantage of some not-so-clued up tourists over in Hollywood, walking the strip posing as the 1D lads to fool a whole load of bystanders into thinking they’ve met the real Mccoy. They look frickin' terrible, but it's actually WORKED.

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One Direction impersonators

A group of five guys who look less like 1D than we do, are ACTUALLY wandering around the most tourist-filled spots of Hollywood, pretending to be One Direction and posing for photographs with people who must have fallen from the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Having said that, we are experts when it comes to 1D and the imposters are rocking some pretty convincing costumes. Louis’ got a baseball tee and beanie, Zayn’s in leather, Harry’s got the ol’ sunnies on. We’re not too sure what Niall and Liam are trying to acheive though... We have a feeling the other three might have just found them in a pub and asked if they fancied a day out.

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One Direction impersonators

LOOK AT NIALL. Where’s the quiff of dreams? Where’s the cheeks we wanna pinch? Where’s the cries of ‘crazy mofos’? Quite frankly lads, that is a SHOCKING EFFORT.

We have to admit that Harry’s one isn’t too bad (although definitely still a bit creepy), but basically if you stick anyone in a curly wig, a button up shirt and a pair of sunnies, you’re probably gonna fool a few ol’ unsuspecting tourists with double prescription glasses.

One Direction impersonators

Most importantly, we need to talk about how these blokes thought that their Liam impersonator was in ANY WAY CONVINCING. Poor ol’ Paynis, he gets the worst impersonator and the worst waxwork. As a side note, this man could deifnitely make a living as a Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike instead, so it's not all bad mate.

Watch the blokes in action in the lolworthy vid below:

What do you think of these One Direction impersonators? Are they the worst ones EVER?

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