We always knew that Zayn Malik was a bit of a mysterious bad boi, but it turns out that he’s obviously trying to kill us all off by making the entire world’s female population internally combust.

The Bwaford Bad Bwoi kicked off the first step in making us all want to pull our eyeballs out with desire, by taking to the stage with the rest of the One Direction lads to perform Rock Me from the Take Me Home album. But as if his usual honey-smooth vocals and perfected pouting weren't enough to knock us all for six, he decided on a bit of a cheeky lyrics change for the occasion.

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Zayn Malik

Deciding to take one of the best songs of the album from PG to 18+, el Maliko made all our grubby dreams come true, as he changed the lyrics from 'rock me' to 'f*ck me’. Yep, if you listen closely, you’ll be able to hear the final screams of an entire arena of gals as they collapse in hysterical lust.

Well, if you're asking, babes...

Ignoring the rather raunchy re-write and trying to pretend we don't want to rip all our clothes off and sprint to Australia, Zayn’s performance of the track is literally MINDBLOWING. He hasn’t half got a pair of pipes on him, hasn’t he?

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What with Zayn sending us into a bit of a spin with his quick lyrics change, a nice side view of Liam’s bum in tight jeans, and Harry thrusting in the midst of it all while basically pole dancing with a microphone, we’d like to advise that this vid comes with a definite ovary-explosion warning.

We’re off for a lie down and a quick evaluation of why we aren’t Perrie Edwards. And then we might set this clip as our ringtone.

What do you think of Zayn’s cheeky lyrics change for their performance of Rock Me?

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What do you think?